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closed 3899151 Sraumf_complete


via StreetComplete_ee 53.31

closed 3929585

Underpass missing.

closed 3875068 Sraumf_complete

Building under construction

via StreetComplete_ee 53.31

closed 3875069 Sraumf_complete

Missing road

via StreetComplete_ee 53.31

closed 3340276 Sraumf

Road under construction

closed 3636439 Sraumf

Please check existence of this part of track and if it does exist, where does it go?

closed 3683304 Sraumf_complete

Road is disconnected

via StreetComplete_ee 52.2

open 3676367 Sraumf

Ali se ta pot nadaljuje po grebenu do vrha Prvejka?

closed 3555405 Sraumf

Lift does not exist anymore

closed 3625025 Sraumf

Ali lahko nekdo preveri na terenu če tole je potoček ali je le drenažni kanal?

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