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closed 1574772 Spanholz

Railway has to be updated here

closed 3709747 Spanholz

Ladesäule würde hier gebaut

open 4079831 Spanholz

4x Shell Recharge Ladesäulen


open 4136245 Spanholz

Name der Bucht: Schafstränke


closed 1228938 amparnell9

Multiple hiking trails within the park are not included on this map.

closed 2739173 Spanholz

CCS mit 150kW, Chademo mit 50kW und 1
1x AC mit 11kW

closed 2689769 Spanholz


via StreetComplete 32.0

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closed 3829074 Spanholz

Erikabaude hat geschlossen. Pächterin im Ruhestand

via StreetComplete 53.3

closed 2737620 Spanholz

Unable to answer "What surface does this piece of road have?" for via StreetComplete 33.0-beta1:

Sett, gravel, paving stones, concrete. Alle surface tags auf 4 Meter Länge

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closed 3718387 Spanholz

Weg verbunden+ Bank

via StreetComplete 52.0

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