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Need to survey west and southeast of here - footpath doesn't match GPS traces, clashes with hedge on imagery and appears to cross a stream from OSSV several times.

about 3 years ago about 3 years ago
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Some opening hours have been added to this car park. Should they have actually been added to the adjacent supermarket (in a previous edit Newark Aldi's bus stop received opening hours presumably intended for the supermarket).

about 7 years ago about 6 years ago
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Addresses at the end of the culdesac of Felix Dr. in Ojai, CA, USA include the odd 120s & 130s, yet even 120s & 130s are near the intersection of E. El Roblar and Felix Dr.
When entering some of the 120s & 130s addresses, the map reads these 2-3 blocks WNW to Padre Juan, etc. This could perhaps explain mail delivery often being swapped if the USPS has been using this data for the past 15 or so years? Delivery services often have difficulties in this area as well, often eventually finding the street, yet often going to the opposite end of the street. Some deliveries are returned, some are delivered to the wrong street, others take often weeks (oddly local deliveries are often delayed, returned, delivered to the wrong street). Deliveries from out of the area (as long as these aren't magazines or bulk mail) are almost always delivered correctly & in record time. Bulk items or 1st class within Los Angeles & Ventura county can take 3-6 weeks. 3 weeks for a letter from Ventura county is sadly pretty standard. Los Angeles county mail strangely often disappears. (Perhaps delivered to the wrong address & forgotten about or becomes" dead letter" because of map errors & automation in part?)
Many of us quit complaining to the USPS years ago, after years of bringing this to the postal service's attention & simply rely on other delivery services for important items that must be on time. We have had to simply notify those locally that only use USPS to call should they require a quick response.
For whatever reason, perhaps sorting practices, different maps used to create routes? Most longer distance mail seems to be accurately delivered & delivered rapidly.
Yet when there's a new or filling driver on this route, when expecting a package or restaurant delivery, we know to look for the driver that looks lost, get a call from lost drivers, often on the wrong street or wrong end of the street, or the delivery place will call (or send it out the next day.)

Should it be a food delivery, it is wise to give instructions with landmarks & specify which end of the street you are on, cars parked out front, etc. & to let them know many GPS units will set them a couple of blocks away from the correct street!
If tired & wanting delivery for dinner, if you don't specify that the GPS is wrong, by the time the driver finds the house, the food is often cold & an hour late!
If the USPS IS using your maps to sort local mail, PLEASE notify them of the update!
This problem has been around for at least 15 years & many of us, as air stated before, gave up years ago relying on certain delivery services because no matter how many times we complained, there's never been a resolve.
It wasn't until trying a few GPS services tonight that I made a link to GPS perhaps being the cause of the misguided mail. Almost every GPS I loaded put my house 2 blocks over or at the opposite end of the street!
It's no wonder our mail in this area has been such a "lost cause" for timeliness (IF it ever gets here!)
I've even cancelled magazines as a result & billing most of us do electronically, especially for local services, or simply cancelled some services altogether because of the mail issue. Complaints didn't help. Discovering that GPS data is incorrect could explain a LOT!
You'd think a carrier would look at & sort mail by hand, yet with so much automation, it's doubtful & human cutbacks, I doubt the carriers have the time!
We *STILL* get mail (usually magazines/bulk or local 1st class mail) for 2 streets over & they for us, after 16 YEARS of circling the street name for the carriers!!!
Hopefully a correction in the GPS will fix these problems! Next they'll ALL need to update their GPS software!
Something tells me this could take a while still!

almost 7 years ago almost 7 years ago
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Ojai Valley Mobile Home Park is not as big as on map.
Roads coming off E. El Roblar are private homes & one apartment complex. Meiner's Oaks, while used to have it's own post office & not within the city limits of Ojai, is county property & have been Ojai addresses since around 1995. Ojai adresses extend across hwy 33 including Creek Rd. , N. upwards to at least Matlija Cyn (perhaps beyond) & all the way to Rice Rd. to the N. & all the way to Oak View to the west.
Meiner's Oaks, Mira Monte, etc. are leftovers from old. These areas are all Ojai adresses.
From the edges of Oak View up Hwy 33 to Santa Paula area Ojai addresses, weather within the city limits or on county property are Ojai addresses, as are those up Hwy 33 where it goes north into Las Padres National Forest up to and perhaps beyond Matilija Springs, Wheeler's Gorge, etc. Perhaps to Pine Mtn. Or slightly beyond?

almost 7 years ago almost 7 years ago

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