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closed 4257685

Casa Baleia Laranja - Orange Whale Pico House

closed 4257690 Taisiya2024

Casa Baleia Laranja - Orange Whale Pico House

closed 1772159 Mar4s

Verify, I couldnt find it at that spot

closed 1236098 Azorestrailrun

Survey - There may be a trail here

closed 3942527 Filipe Carretas

Pico dos Sete Pés (849m)

closed 3472943 miguelovila

Nome incorreto. Chama-se Rua das Areosas

via StreetComplete 49.2

closed 3604967 submitted note from a business:
Name: نوشت افزار الفبا
addr:street=خیابان شاهد نبش کوچه ۵ جنب اداره ارشاد
Phone number: 09024273767
Social Network: Nvshtafzaralfba
Opening Hours: شنبه تا پنج شنبه 7 صبح تا 8 شب
Category: Used Bookstore
Description: نوشت افزار الفبا
Accepted payment methods:

closed 3899199

Not working 20/09/2023

closed 2458542

Pretty sure this road doesn't exist.

closed 1236102 Azorestrailrun

Survey needed. There may be an X intersection nearby

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