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Started my first edit within my local area 5 months ago

Welcome. May this be an enriching experience to you. Keep it up :)

About me about 1 year ago

Welcome and I hope you have fun mapping

Overpass - Os valores das tags about 3 years ago


Praça Doutor Elias Garcia, Tietê/SP (edição nº 10.000) about 3 years ago

Excelente resultado, obrigado por partilhar o seu trabalho de 2008 e parabéns por 10000 edições

Me stupid about 3 years ago

Don’t let small mistakes get you down, we are human after all. While planning an edit, it’s good practice to refer to the wiki, take some time getting to know OSM’s tagging system. Flareon suggests you’re a Pokémon Go player. If that’s the case, why not take a walk on your surroundings while recording a .gpx track? highway=path for instance are easy to identify in the real world, and easy to add to OSM using a recorded .gpx.

Help required for adding access information to track roads about 3 years ago

Considering your example, a private driveway it could be tagged as:

highway=service service=driveway access=private surface=unpaved

I-285 NOT a tunnel where the Hartsfield-Jackson runway bridge goes over over 3 years ago

I guess tunnel doesn’t fit the real situation here, but bridge does. Adittional tags such as man_made=embankment, barrier=retaining_wall or landuse=grass could be applied though, reinforcing that the highway grounds are lower than the airport’s

Turkmenistan's National Highway System about 4 years ago

Good work, keep it up! Emanuel

São Gabriel de Baunilha - Colatina about 4 years ago

Obrigado por tornar cada vez melhor o mapa do Brasil

Mister 4.000 about 4 years ago

Good work!

Inserindo nomes de Ruas na Cidade de Petrolina/PE. over 4 years ago

Obrigado pela contribuição e pela melhoria verificada na sua cidade!