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These stones are not buildings.

over 3 years ago 5 months ago
open 1033737 Shmias

In reply to "Does the bus stop Sommerswalde have a shelter?":
can't find this bus stop

11 months ago 6 months ago
closed 1114053 Shmias

Unable to answer "What are the opening hours of "Restaurant Nixe"?" for via StreetComplete:

permanently closed

9 months ago 9 months ago
closed 1033730 Shmias

In reply to "For which sport is this pitch made?":
dog training

11 months ago 10 months ago
closed 1032713 Shmias

In reply to "What surface does this piece of road have?":
couldn't find it

12 months ago 10 months ago
closed 1031651 Shmias

In reply to "How many bikes can be parked here?":

12 months ago 11 months ago
closed 1029241 Shmias

In reply to "What are the opening hours of Bajazzo?":

12 months ago 11 months ago
closed 1032784 Amul

"gibt's nicht mehr"
The place has gone or never existed. This is an auto-generated note from MAPS.ME application: a user reports a POI that is visible on a map (which can be outdated), but cannot be found on the ground.
POI has no name
POI types: shop-convenience
OSM data version: 2017-05-11T13:22:09Z

11 months ago 11 months ago
closed 1022914 Shmias

Existiert dieses Café noch?

12 months ago 12 months ago
closed 1002383 Shmias

möglicherweise permanent geschlossen (node #2395299464 )

about 1 year ago 12 months ago

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