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Problems with level almost 5 years ago

For me it only logical thing is to use same numbering as building itself. But it seems that this is done with level:ref.

Maps Update: 17th of April over 5 years ago

There is manual import of post boxes ongoing in Czech republic. We have dataset from the post itself.

(manual import = we have source dataset from Czech Post, but each post box is manually verified and compared to existing data)

Building an inclusive map - OSM and gender discussion over 5 years ago

Can I ask about that survey.

I have problem to understand this question:

In general, in the communities where you participate (OpenStreetMap local, national, regional, etc., or other open data communities), how is the participation of women and men?

  • The participation of female VS males is high
  • The participation of female VS men is balanced
  • The participation of female VS males is low
  • No participation at all

Which choice means “there is a lot of active women in community”?

Fake foreign names over 6 years ago

Would be very interesting project to make map with automatic transliteration (with fallback to name:xx).

OK, Germans already did it. See it in action.

Fake foreign names over 6 years ago

Would be very interesting project to make map with automatic transliteration (with fallback to name:xx).

I think it would be doable and quite useful.

FacilMap 2 has been released almost 7 years ago

Wow! Good job!

Is there any way (aka hack) how to update data (eg markers) on collaborative map programatically? My friend was thinking about realtime radiosonde tracker. We basically have the reciever part done, so the only missing part seems to be the updater script.

Access restriction data architecture almost 7 years ago

Good point! Access tag on node is good example of thing which is easy to analyze for human and hard for computer.

Human sees access node as restrictions signs in map and decides which side is restricted using the context. But this decision is one of these things which cannot by simply written as algorithm.

Experimenting with ClearTables, self-hosted vector tiles, and Tangram client-side rendering about 7 years ago

It takes some time to render the demo. Which tool did you used to generate vector tiles?

Why copying visual style of paper maps is not a good idea over 7 years ago

But limited color set can be also a design choice. It can help to bring some kind of systematic thinking to the map key.

For example, Czech military map used 9 colors only. Unlike on OSM base map here I can identify features at the first glance without looking to legend.

(my shameless copy of czech military map styling, not the original military map itself)

(colors explanation table)

How to actually invent tags over 7 years ago

yes, tags can be very confusing. My favorite confusion is *something*=no (eg. tunnel=no, electrified=no).