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Self-Perfection's Notes

Notes submitted or commented on by Self-Perfection

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Id Creator Description Created at Last changed
closed 4254513 Self-Perfection



open 4254918 Self-Perfection

Check if ruins are really here

closed 3810927 Self-Perfection

река Лаура судя по знаку

closed 4246432 Self-Perfection

building construction


closed 4230169 Self-Perfection

basketball field


closed 4092850 Self-Perfection

These should be man_made=planter and probably barrier=planter

closed 4211451 Self-Perfection

covered outdoor seating


closed 4208818 Self-Perfection

foot=no on the bridge


closed 4208557 Self-Perfection

no passage here


closed 4151768 Self-Perfection

also footway

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