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closed 487251

Inconsistent road naming, from north to south:
name = Sernftalstrasse, ref = 422;
no name, ref = 422;
no name, ref = 422;
on the bridge, nothing at all;
name = Sernftallstrasse, no ref

PLEASE proof-read and triple check any additions you make to the database. You wouldn't like it if the people who wrote the software you use were this lazy.

about 7 years ago about 5 years ago
closed 1024316 Seldor


almost 6 years ago almost 6 years ago
closed 527211


about 7 years ago almost 7 years ago
closed 475334 Tchiller

Ist die Strasse hier am Wochenende gesperrt? Bitte prüfen und ggf einfügen und schliessen.
Jetzt im Moment hat die Strasse den tag day_off=sunday und day_on=sunday was etwas sinnlos aussieht.

over 7 years ago almost 7 years ago
open 542954 Seldor

This road is actually sealed and should be marked as such.

almost 7 years ago almost 7 years ago

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