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OSMF membership rates by country

first things first, well to start this topic/discussion!

primarly, I wish the priority is more cleaning the gaps to get a community and an osmf representative for each country or specific regions in under-representative areas (disputed contries as well). Thats a better aim to get every country and their needs representated.

secondly, we could start pointing out “local communities” to a map to identify the work of range of their community. For example, every mapping community could make an easy map where they point out the recent boundary of their activity. to sort out which areas of their community is under-representative. There could be categories of activity work. “global” work, thematical fields,

starting at different admin level, starting with countries (admin_level = 2), sub_level 3, etc.

to adress we could count - the wikiprojects in, mostly country - splitting in “local” internal mappers, and external mappers - e.g. for the german mapping meetups (Stammtisch) its mostly the urban area of the cities. - every mapper has his AOI (area of interest) with different themes they map - …

to support we could use sotm “attendance” statistics, for realizing which countries taken part at which conf to address the interest and activity range

more ideas to contribute?

greetz from the world