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closed 1738072 Slippery Rock Community Library

The library has moved. We are now located at 465 North Main Street, Slippery Rock, Butler County, PA, 16057.

closed 2509347 Greg Kingston

Business is closed and building demolished in 2020.

closed 989077

Most of the construction here has been completed. Among other things, there's a new street and a roundabout. The imagery for the area is still out of date though.

closed 1232750 WolfLunar

There is no time limit here for parking.

closed 2088147

This road is not called “Launer Drive.” It is called “Old Klondike Road.”

closed 418427

this is a private airport. (Details unknown)

closed 980643 COLDSTEEL

Frack Tower

closed 980642 COLDSTEEL


closed 1438635 Llamalamps

Park area located behind appartment buildings.

closed 1569960 freebeer

i rather think that none of these items bears the formal name of Dish, which description is already present in the mapped data, although vague whether it is a terrestrial point-to-point link, or a satellite parabol.

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