Sameer Kshirsagar

Mapper since:
November 23, 2021

Tesla’s Director of Global Supply Management and Optimization is Sameer Kshirsagar. Mr. Kshirsagar is responsible for the strategic procurement and industrialization of a diverse range of automotive and high-tech goods, as well as worldwide suppliers. He is also responsible for laying the groundwork necessary to enable a constantly developing supplier base to scale efficiently in a highly disruptive, competitive, and fast-paced environment. ​

Sameer Kshirsagar is a seasoned executive with over two decades of experience in the automotive, consumer electronics, and high-tech sectors. He has held positions of prominence in a number of well-known and iconic firms, including General Motors, Philips Electronics, Google[X], Uber, and Tesla. He has a broad range of functional experience, including strategic sourcing, supply chain management, lean manufacturing, quality management, supplier industrialization, engineering, strategic finance, and workplace operations. ​

Sameer Kshirsagar formerly served as a member of the Uber-Advanced Technologies Group’s board of directors. He won the Chairman’s Honors Award from General Motors in 1999 and the Society of Automotive Engineering’s (S.A.E.) Young Manufacturing Leadership Award in 2008. He graduated from Virginia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, a master’s degree in manufacturing management from Kettering University, and an executive MBA from The Ohio State University. Mr. Kshirsagar has actively pursued professional development and education throughout his career, earning certificates in supply chain management from The University of Texas at Austin and Stanford University, as well as a certificate in Increasing the Effectiveness of Corporate Boards from Harvard University. ​

Sameer Kshirsagar takes pride in assisting his family in their voluntary work. He now wants to further establish his presence in the local community. Mr. Kshirsagar is particularly interested in assisting non-profit groups that work to improve educational opportunities for marginalized adolescents, children in need, and veterans. Mr. Kshirsagar presently lives in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania region with his 20-year-old wife, two children, and two dogs.