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open 4092259 Sam Wilson

Vibanda Village carwash and food trucks and bar.

open 4092192 Sam Wilson

Lake Naivasha Crescent Camp reception building.

open 4078001 BudgieInWA

What's the access and landuse around this building?

open 4076643 Mohamedcfd

Project site

open 4042001 Sam Wilson

Track not on map, goes under bridge.

via StreetComplete 55.1

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closed 3952250 Sam Wilson

is duplex, 21 and 23


closed 3952239 Sam Wilson

Is 2 houses, 33 and 31.


open 3952229 Sam Wilson

This house gone, replaced by 2 new. No numbers visible yet.


open 3945689 Levi Wheatcroft

Unable to answer "Do you have to pay to park here?" for via StreetComplete 54.0:

This is not a public car park

closed 3942554 Levi Wheatcroft

Unable to answer "What kind of parking is this?" for via StreetComplete 54.0:

Parking for boats?

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