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closed 2278082 DP1000

Ing. S. Konrad GmbH

closed 445335 turbojoe

track grade 4

closed 2707354

Der Laden hier heißt Tregusto.

closed 2097586 fs_LT

Straßenkilometer S16 fehlen

closed 2112825

An diesem Ort:
Enrique's Bar

closed 1396371

Pension Grissemann

closed 2495007 Mamutinka user reports: there is a chapel

closed 2703626 Almstüberl

Almstüberl Kappl Dias

closed 2348224

Wrong street name! Correct is Garnen (or no street name).
See also the correct Bahnhofstraße in Pettneu near the former train station

closed 1346829

Sicher, dass der Tunnel hier so eckig verläuft?

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