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open 927169 SK53

Hebrew Congregation have moved to Raford (Hope Chapel) & the building sold to Nottingham Trent

5 months ago about 10 hours ago
closed 933073

Roads on Rydens way are incorrect, at least two cross roads are missing and roundabout at the eastern end needs to be added.

4 months ago 1 day ago
open 1079516 SK53

Some gaps in housenumber sequence. Need survey to determine where; numbers located at likeliest point based on Streetlight data. (Note I must have just walked up the road grabbing first & last numbers)

1 day ago 1 day ago
closed 729363 SK53

Gone. Megaclose foreclosed on business July 2016

10 months ago 2 days ago
closed 1060552 All Good Things

Not sure how to label the tythe barn

17 days ago 2 days ago
closed 952007

Name of Public House missing - The Cardinal's Hat

4 months ago 2 days ago
open 515100 SK53

This part of park is apparently up for sale by Bexley LB

over 1 year ago 3 days ago
closed 1055117

This portion of the A684 should be labelled as Castle Green Road

22 days ago 4 days ago
open 718723 samely

Can someone confirm and fix if this is Edburton Road?

10 months ago 4 days ago
closed 1025874

Gates/Stiles along this stretch of path

about 2 months ago 5 days ago

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