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closed 334156 SK53

According to Geograph image, theres a wind turbine somewhere around here

over 2 years ago about 10 hours ago
open 1209015 batters56

Having the Platforms on here is just really confusing in my opinion. They are underground.

about 20 hours ago about 19 hours ago
open 1208328 SK53

Shelter Stone (roughly in this area (marked on 7th series & OSSV)

1 day ago 1 day ago
closed 1146405 SK53

2 ATM natwest

about 2 months ago 2 days ago
closed 1146404 SK53

Etienne in corner, check other rerltail locatiins

about 2 months ago 2 days ago
open 1206732 SK53

Drone Racing centre somewhere around here

3 days ago 3 days ago
open 1206309 SK53

This building looks to have been completed (ESRI Imagery, picture on website). I dont believe all of it is a PoW, just the domed building in SE corner.

4 days ago 4 days ago
closed 301244 SK53

From memory & recent Mapillary photos, this hotel has a restaurant (N-end) which specialised in roesti a bar-restaurant (Dorfbiez, S-end) and another place in the basement, either a restaurant or nightclub. Probably other Davos hotels are similar (multiple amenities in a single building)

almost 3 years ago 5 days ago
closed 1203726

Incorrect Location, correct entry already shown on Station Road

6 days ago 6 days ago
closed 1203659 Canarytops

"Posh B&B/Gastropub"
POI name: The Crown Inn
POI types: tourism-hotel
OSM data version: 2017-10-20T12:20:02Z

6 days ago 6 days ago

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