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closed 1303180 SJFriedl

Sign: “West Irvine Trail”

closed 1303179 SJFriedl

Add gate to apt complex

closed 1303136 SJFriedl

Peters Canyon Trail sign

closed 1303139 SJFriedl


open 3380335 KelsonV

Park under major renovation. Looks like they've bulldozed everything but the trees. May need to remap paths and facilities when they're done.

closed 360379 SJFriedl

Community is Sunset Ridge

closed 3111591 KelsonV

Is Round Table Pizza still here?

open 3424374 SJFriedl

This road is marked with a gate, but I think it's probably based on old imagery; all these streets look open to me from my armchair.

closed 3111589 KelsonV

Has anything moved in where the Vons used to be?

closed 3017355 KelsonV

is it possible to drive from the gas station parking lot to the bigger lot here?

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