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closed 3119824 LoneRiderTouring

This gravel path is private going around the back side if a building with security cameras.

closed 3682264 duustin

no more slip lanes here

closed 20713 mappy123

At least here starts W Mt. Rushmore Rd, maybe even further east, don't know until where is goes in the west. Someone with good local knowledge should check.

closed 3444288 Mateusz Konieczny

descriptive names for removal/retagging

open 3912982 Mateusz Konieczny

shop=bait ? What is the meaning of that shop value? What kind of services or products are sold here? Is anything from fitting? Maybe new value needs to be invented? Maybe this data is wrong and there is no shop here? Maybe it is not a shop but something else?

closed 2502192 midnightcomm

sign says dead end

closed 4055437

This is not a through street. The road ends on both sides of the tracks.

closed 1185829 yurasi

This OSM note is added as per the user feedback from Mapbox:
Is the name of the place "taco johns"? Can someone please confirm the same and update the map accordingly if yes?

closed 3365163 Sledge92

The borders of this element(relation/128584) are incorrect in multiple places. They should be fixed to match the parent administrative element or at least the state borders. If the borders of the parent elements are incorrect then they should be fixed instead.

closed 3767726 TaraV

Our users indicate that this building is "Saint Benedict Catholic Church". We cannot find any available sources to verify this information. Can any local mappers confirm this? #msftopenmaps"

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