Mapper since:
December 23, 2017

New to the OSM and schema and HOT, feedback is appreciated! I use JOSM for data collection. More information about me below:

Geospatial Analyst in the United States with 7+ years of experience with NGA related projects and various schemas. Experience includes collecting data via satellite imagery using photo interpretation as well as QA/QC of datasets. Experience with most themes of data collection: *Transportation (Roads, Rail, Tracks, Trails, Bridges, Fords, Culverts) *Hydrography (Rivers, Lakes, Reservoirs, etc.) *Utility (Towers, Pylons, Powerlines, Power Stations, Power Substations, etc.) *Culture (Buildings, Built-up Areas, Settlements, Facilities - such as schools, places of worship, hospitals, etc.) *Landcover

Extensive experience with ESRI products including ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro.