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closed 519591 Kim Soulliere

New construction in this area.

over 6 years ago about 2 years ago
closed 427471 RustProof Labs

The layout of this group of fields does not match the satellite imagery at all. I will try to survey this sometime I'm in the area.

almost 7 years ago almost 3 years ago
closed 835096

Residential apartments.

over 5 years ago about 3 years ago
closed 544526 RustProof Labs

This stadium has been rebuilt. I believe the name ha changed to Marvv Kay Stadium. The layout has likely changed as well, needs more detailed survey to confirm.

about 6 years ago over 3 years ago
closed 460812 RustProof Labs

The buildings in this area are tagged as "apartments" which I'm fairly sure is incorrect. Needs surveying to determine if the tags should be updated to something more appropriate.

over 6 years ago over 3 years ago
closed 460800 RustProof Labs

Satellite imagery shows this building mostly demolished, needs resurveying.

over 6 years ago over 3 years ago
closed 428843 RustProof Labs

The details on the map don't match the imagery. I know they did a lot of construction over here in 2014, so needs resurveying to confirm.

almost 7 years ago over 3 years ago
closed 549769 RustProof Labs

The Mount Antero building is currently under construction which is scheduled to be done by August 2016. The building is being extended both on the South (where the grassy area currently shows) as well as the N / NE. The whole area is fenced off so I couldn't trace the new borders yet.

about 6 years ago almost 4 years ago
closed 544437 RustProof Labs

There is construction going on here, I believe it will be a new building. Will need resurveying in another month or two.

about 6 years ago almost 4 years ago
closed 417686 mueschel

What is the purpose of this short piece of highway? Its tag "lanes_1=HOT" is quite strange as well.

almost 7 years ago almost 4 years ago

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