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closed 3585967 RussiaShallBeFree

the roads are joined

closed 3745257 RussiaShallBeFree

I think this toilet is for customers only

closed 3631372 RussiaShallBeFree

pedestrian road here

closed 3578793 RussiaShallBeFree

the crossing is gone

open 4151655 RussiaShallBeFree

any way to get here from the north side?


closed 3810738 RussiaShallBeFree

this building is detached from the one that's to the East

closed 3733932 RussiaShallBeFree

it's a Converse bank ATM now

closed 3740354 RussiaShallBeFree

Yen-car is here. I'm not sure if it's a second location or if they moved from the building across the road

closed 3715813 RussiaShallBeFree

I see no police car here at the moment. Is it a significant POI?

open 4014970 RussiaShallBeFree

there are stairs to get up from the bridge to the road on the right, just as on the opposite side of the road


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