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Mapper since:
September 26, 2006
Last map edit:
July 08, 2024

I’ve specialized in editing New York State.

  • I’ve added all rivers and most streams.
  • Added the bridges that cross those waterways
  • Added named lakes and ponds
  • Added imported address points, manual address interpolation, and manual building addresses in Potsdam NY and surrounds. I used all three methods to see how well they aligned with each other.
  • Added most landuse in the Potsdam area.
  • Added every abandoned railroad and even unfinished railroads.
  • Since I have bicycled every rail-trail in NY, I’ve ensured that every rail-trail has been added.
  • Fixed TIGER misalignment.
  • Fixed the dreaded Y intersections in TIGER data that should really be a T.
  • You can examine any block of data, and I’ll be one of the top five editors anywhere in NY.