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closed 3578140 Russ McD

Soi Baang Kian ..
concrete res

closed 2873967 Ornate Swimming Mapping Turtle

Postbox is actually here

via StreetComplete 34.2

closed 2901057 Ornate Swimming Mapping Turtle

Bench with backrest here

via StreetComplete 36.0

closed 3133583 xckpt

My OSM based app told me to turn down this path today, and despite my best efforts to find it, I believe it is no longer there (couldn't find any traces of it at all)

closed 2832709 andrewsh

Stables Cottage

closed 2832725 andrewsh

The Olde Forge tack shop

closed 2736176 10992

Based on, the following business is (or may be) missing:

Huntley Film Archives

*Note*: the address listed on their website does not match this location. The source website may be out of date, or they may have multiple location with only the main one being listed on their own website.

closed 3915344 Barbara Weibel

Please change the name of this business to Cozy Cafe Chiangmai

closed 3740400

food vendors

closed 3519639

Born 2 Sleep is now Bed Stop Hotel Chiangmai

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