Mapper since:
April 08, 2008

Welcome/Hello. I am… Local to Edinburgh, Scotland. I have now been editing for many years, and I’ve introduced others to OSM through workshops and other interventions. I tend to work by surveying personally, with a GPS, backed up with use of aerial photography etc. My job also involves contact with OSM so it’s relatively common that I add notes where I notice errors or omissions but do not immediately have the time to carry out surveys or edits. I’m always very very happy to receive comment or questions on any edits. I’m particularly involved/interested in the mapping of tracks and paths and cycle routes such as the National Cycle Network - often outside Edinburgh. Most wish for… 1) improvements to which are targeted at those who come to the site having heard of Openstreetmap (but who don’t want to be mappers); and 2) improvements in tagging conventions around paths and footways to account for the massive variation in what a ‘path’ or ‘footway’ represents on the ground.