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open 483445 RoadGeek_MD99

Is this PR 427? Restored Wilkes Avenue, but can't figure out where PR 427 should end.

almost 3 years ago 7 days ago
open 385644 RoadGeek_MD99

Is new construction open yet?

over 3 years ago 10 days ago
open 479002 Fernando Bernardino

Missing Misty Glen Dr. which is the road I live on and other roads here in the back of my neighborhood. My neighborhood is called "Wekiva Run" and is located in Apopka, Fl 32712.

almost 3 years ago 18 days ago
open 548717

Clear Lake Landings subdivision is missing from the map. Google Maps shows the first road closest to Binion Rd (which should be Bay Bridge Circle), but nothing is listed here.

over 2 years ago 18 days ago
closed 19617 KristenK

Removed ways that do not represent roadways shown in BING. However, in BING it appears that there is construction activities in the area. Unfortunately the BING imagery is dated (circa 2011), so I ask if anyone can scout the area to see what the roads are like, that'd be appreciated.

I'd do it, but I'm not local to the MD Area.


about 5 years ago 22 days ago
closed 1288916


8 months ago 27 days ago
closed 1162234

9009 3rd St.
Lanham, MD 20706

about 1 year ago 27 days ago
closed 267439

Shared heart hospital is being replaced by the new allegany high school

almost 4 years ago about 1 month ago
closed 948013 Skc4454

Hollywood Park is located here. Can you please add?

over 1 year ago about 1 month ago
closed 778464 RoadGeek_MD99

Is any of this open yet? Names? Thanks.

almost 2 years ago about 2 months ago

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