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open 4102036 Richard

Overlapping cycleway and service road here, needs sorting

closed 2809787 Richard

New East Coast Greenway route goes this way:

closed 940314 Richard

Light industry here demolished and new railway station car park built (not visible on imagery, needs survey)

open 170523 Richard

More railway to do either side here

closed 130162 Richard

Now two-way for cyclists:

closed 130161 Richard

Now two-way for cyclists:

open 4044295 Richard

NCN is mapped very discontinuously around here - not sure what the real situation is. Sustrans data suggests renumbering to 517 but did this ever happen?

closed 2016468 Richard

New cycleway going in beside Aylburton-Lydney road (and various other places around Lydney)

open 260622 Richard says NCN 4 has been moved - presumably along here? (Would be best to map as separate way rather than cycleway=track.)

closed 1465277 Richard

The Epynt range needs lots of attention - currently has service roads with no access tag, Epynt Way is largely unmapped, etc. etc.

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