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open 1431963 Richard

New cycleway opened here (NCN1/Q14)

1 day ago 1 day ago
closed 703879 Richard

Bike route from Darlington to Middleton needs surface tags (including stretch beside the B6279) - at present it's just highway=bridleway which could be misleading (often implies very muddy).

almost 2 years ago 6 days ago
closed 107038

Century Row is around here.

over 4 years ago 7 days ago
closed 528331 jinalfoflia

Can anyone verify if the name of this garden is 'Nun's Garden' or 'Drawda garden'? Thank you!

over 2 years ago 7 days ago
closed 793968

I don't know how to file a bug report for directions.

Getting directions from "Oxford" to "Cambridge" yields this message at this point:

[missing "en-US.javascripts.directions.instructions.turn_left_with_exit" translation]

over 1 year ago 7 days ago
closed 1054103 RichRico

ATIK Oxford is the correct name for this place? Can someone confirm and fix if yes?

12 months ago 7 days ago
closed 1050978 Jothirnadh

Got a customer-feedback saying that the name of this POI is changed from Lava Ignite to `ATIK Oxford` a few years back. If you are a local mapper can you please confirm this of change it in OSM please.

12 months ago 7 days ago
open 1426030 Richard

Queen Street needs retagging: (a) there really isn't a cycleway here, (b) it should be possible to express the no-bikes time via conditional restrictions (but I'm jiggered if I know how)

7 days ago 7 days ago
open 1422869 Richard

NCN route?

10 days ago 10 days ago
closed 150342 Richard

New cycle bridge and roadside cycleway being constructed here, spring 2014

about 4 years ago 11 days ago

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