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closed 3996240 Richard Try

Unable to answer "What are the pickup times of this collection box?" for via StreetComplete_ee 53.32:

А где ящик то?

closed 3768390 Richard Try

Unable to answer "Is this still here?" for via StreetComplete 53.2:

Нету никакой мусорки

closed 3756527 Richard Try

Unable to answer "Does this pedestrian crossing have an island?" for via StreetComplete 53.2:

тут ведь нет перехода

closed 3733518 Richard Try

Unable to answer "Are these opening hours still correct?" for via StreetComplete 53.1:

Здание, видимо, снесено

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closed 3725895 Richard Try

В этом подъезде какой-то совет ветеранов ПО№3, непонятно

via StreetComplete 53.1

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