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What's your OpenStreetMap story? almost 8 years ago

I started using maps from Openstreetmap via (free hiking maps for Garmin devices covering Europe) when i began mountainbiking back in 2009. But finding that some trails and features were missing in my area, I started contributing to Openstreetmap. Since then I have made an effort in trying to find any and every trail that is missing in the OSM database, and also adding a lot of other objects via satellite images etc.

Two years ago (spring of 2013) I extended my contribution by creating a dedicated mountainbike map, showing difficulty (mtb:scale) using color coded trails and highlighting good trails (class:bicycle:mtb).

The map only cover Norway, and can be found at A project that would be impossible without Openstreetmap. This is why I love Openstreetmap, and have even donated to the project. Recommend everyone to do the same! :) screenshot