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January 26, 2021

Reed Cagle’s professional career began in 1986. His first work was with Kinlaw Oil Corporation as an associate. The industry enthralled him. He worked hard and eventually learned everything there was to know about the company and the industry. During this time, he rose through the corporation’s ranks and was elevated to positions of significant responsibility. He worked for the corporation for ten years before striking out independently.

Reed is very active in his local church. His outgoing nature and love for the outdoors led to him being frequently asked to organize men’s fellowship activities. He’s also a skilled golfer with a four handicap. He often plays golf with his son and sponsors golf tournaments for charitable organizations.

Mr. Cagle is the founder and principal officer of the charity organization Outreaches. The organization is Christian and non-denominational. They aim to help people live fulfilling lives filled with spirit, self, and sustainability.

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