Mapper since: December 04, 2017

Hello! I’m Jason and I am the Red_Ranger. Besides my love for GIS, I also enjoy music and movies/TV. Some of my favorite childhood shows include, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Darkwing Duck, Legend of the Hidden Temple, Where In the World is Carmen Sandiego? and so on. My all time favorite band is GNR but my current favorite band is Rival Sons (, check them out, they are a really cool bunch.

Shows like the Hidden Temple and Where In the World is Carmen Sandiego, as well as literatures like Around the World In Eighty Days have all inspired me to become an OSM mapper. I’ve traveled around the world to many countries and I’ve been to many places. My wish is that I will be able to set foot on all the continents one day. For now, I will just be improving OSM data and make OSM the best it can be one day at a time. Please message me if you would like be friends :) #Kaart 2019

Legends of the Hidden Temple Carmen Sandiego