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closed 2030533 Rassilon

To Do: add new houses when imagery is available (Bailey Estates)

closed 1619899 Rassilon

To Do: Fix new street when imagery becomes available. Current position approximate.

closed 1743239 Rassilon

ToDo: Add new building

closed 1620629 Rassilon

To Do: Add new buildings when imagery becomes available.

closed 920648 Kouzz

Missing park. Old Kiwanis park is located here

closed 62250 Ahlzen

Check street name

closed 1821514 Rassilon

To Do: read Changeset: 32339551 and see if there is a better way to map bicycle restriction without dual one-ways.

closed 35155


closed 1924455 jma505

The intersections of Arcadia, Island Pond, and Roosevelt have been completely redesigned and rebuilt. Google Maps (the map view, not the satellite view) shows the new configuration of these streets.

closed 2315753 JessAk71

library poi looks misplaced and could use name update

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