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Contraflow HOV lanes

Thanks! This has been done exactly as you suggested.

Contraflow HOV lanes


I see you have marked up a lot of hov lanes. I have a question on HOV lanes that are only designated during rush hour.

Specifically I-75 in southern Oakland County, Michigan for a weird political reason just opened up its first HOV lane in the state. The previously unopened leftmost lane of the freeway which was added as part of a reconstruction over the past five years was just repainted and opened as an HOV lane from 6-9a and 3-6p M-F.

Of note is that anyone is allowed to drive in the lane during other 138 hours of the week and the lane markings actually allow cars to move freely in and out of that HOV lane.

I already followed changed the lanes on the freeway from 3 to 4 [or 5 where (de-)acceleration] were already present and followed the hov:lanes guidelines .

However I did not yet put the time restrictions in place since I could not find guidance on this and couldn’t find an obvious template. Though this post is similar.

Anyhow, as HOV vehicles are always allowed in lane 4 and normal vehicles that are not during the designated time (the motor_vehicles=no * piece of the guideline)… I think I should change

motor_vehicles:lanes=no||| to motor_vehicles:lanes:conditional=no @ (Mo-Fr 06:00,15:00-18:00)|||

What do you think?