RH Nuttall

Mapper since:
August 14, 2020

RH Nuttall manufactures high-quality gaskets, seals, strips and washers for a wide range of uses and industries. Working with materials such as foam, sponge, rubber, felt, vulcanised fibre, leather, cork, plastics and ceramics, the Birmingham based company supplies parts for anything from light bleed sealing solutions on high-end motor vehicles, to one-off spacers on prison toilets, and adhesive strips for PPE face visor headbands.

Founded in 1860, the company has remained a family business, and two generations of the family are employed by the Company, with over 80 years’ worth of experience between them. Their knowledge and expertise within the trade of manufacturing non-metallic washers, gaskets and sealing strips is second to none.

RH Nuttall’s dedicated and experienced team of 65 employees are always willing to go the extra mile for their customers, and customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything they do.