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March 02, 2022

Preston Muller and Gulf Angler Fishing Charters operate a fleet of four boats to serve their clients. Although these ships can accommodate individuals or larger groups, each one has its own unique flourishes. The crown jewel, as mentioned previously, is ““Home Grown.” It is completely customized and includes several upscale amenities. Customers can enjoy a luxurious cruise through the emerald waterways on trips ranging from four to fourteen hours. Alternatively, guests can unwind and escape the sun in the fully-air-conditioned Birch wood salon. Even better, fishing offshore is federally permitted. This means it can reach a distance of more than nine miles from the coast. The ““Fa La Me”” is similarly impressive, but for entirely different reasons. In 2017, the 24-foot Catamaran was built to order. To call it ““state of the art”” would be a misnomer. With a focus on spin tackle, fly fishing, and reef fishing, this is the only boat of its kind in the entire Panhandle. If guests are fortunate enough, their catches may be displayed in the company’s online ““Trophy Room.””