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closed 3858802 etkaz

"two storey apartment duplex"
OSM snapshot date: 2023-08-14T02:00:17Z
POI has no name
POI types: building
#organicmaps android

closed 3858797 Pontius

Update Casino and related amenities when satellite imagery is updated.

closed 3389930 Pontius

This seems to be an overuse of landuse=grass. Perhaps these should be landuse=residential; landcover=grass

closed 3370423 Pontius

Now a Brooks Brothers

open 3645863 Pontius

Should add boundary=protected_area for Clinton Lake State Recreation Area.

closed 1542801 Sarah Blackcat

Abandoned stretch of old Route 66, walk kable (OSM data version: 2017-01-19T15:17:02Z) #mapsme

closed 3581850 Mapbacker1

"There is no school in this location."
The place has gone or never existed. A user of Organic Maps application has reported that the POI was visible on the map (see snapshot date below), but was not found on the ground.
OSM snapshot date: 2022-11-19T09:11:52Z
POI name: Fisher Grade School
POI types: amenity-school

open 3586076 Pontius

Newton Lake State Fish and Wildlife area should be mapped as an area.

closed 3570532 DGM21

311 North Main Street is the address for Bloomington Spice Works. I seen from a Four Square search that it had 507 North Center Street which is wrong. I hope this is okay to post here for a fix. The address can be confirmed with Google which is correct.

open 3577261 Pontius

Should separate the bus route relations into relations for different directions at some point.

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