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October 26, 2022

bro im actually gonna make good contributions so dont assume I’m gonna continue being a pillock fam

Song lyrics of the week.

All the opp thots wanna tek this hood, if I take her to the gaff then she gonna get jooked (Switch) Man can’t say I ain’t a crook, from young, had to rob man bait in the hood Hand tings only, man grip smokies, if you get close then you’re gonna get cooked And if you get cooked then I’m gonna move shook ‘cause I know that the jakes are about in the hood Cooked like breakfast, man split him in two like Tetris Waps out, arms out, man press this Made a bad B fly down from Texas (Switch) I’m like, “Hold up, shorty”, the kickback from the mash, real sporty Leng one, peng ones move naughty Got a bad one from the shore, no Geordie (Geordie)