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open 4010249 Peter Newman

Unable to answer "Is this place air-conditioned?" for via StreetComplete 55.0:


closed 2701311

Lewis Cubitt

open 3511792 Peter Newman

Unable to answer "Is this picnic table covered (protected from rain)?" for via StreetComplete 50.0:

Doesn't seem to exist

closed 3666393 Gregory Williams

Road layout slightly changed here to accommodate a McDonald's drive through.

via StreetComplete 52.0

open 1240799 Peter Newman

There is a new build estate here which is probably 75% complete, with people living in it.

closed 3521192 Peter Newman

Unable to answer "What kind of building is this?" for via StreetComplete 50.0:

The Studios

closed 3992793 Peter Newman

Unable to answer "This shop has been vacant. What’s here now?" for via StreetComplete 55.0:

Part of Deichmanns

closed 3342582 RAC_UK

Looks like they are building a number of EV charging points, will need survey once complete.

closed 3474386 Peter Newman

Stop G is here

via StreetComplete 49.2

open 3369303 rskedgell

Unable to answer "Is there a shelter at this stop?" for via StreetComplete 46.1:

Stop no longer exists?

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