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Peter Brodersen

Mapper since:
November 18, 2008

Hi, I’m Peter Brodersen from Copenhagen, Denmark.

I was mostly active at 2009-2012 where I got access to aerial photography and mass imported data from volunteering municipalities as well as other data providers. Furthermore I added all Danish addresses from public and free services.

Today I mainly map a bit using StreetComplete on my walks.

I have a pet project where I would make it easy to set direction on features such as benches, suggesting a direction perpendicular ( = facing) the nearest road. I’m still considering whether I should work on making it an extension to iD, creating a standalone javascript based web page or doing some spooky backend magic in PostgreSQL. So far I have simply created a feature request #9733 for iD.


In 2009 I imported all addresses of Denmark into OpenstreetMap. The data set for Denmark grew 10 times in size at that time due to the addition of about five million addresses.

At the moment other people have taken over the task of maintaining addresses from newer resources, mainly AutoAWS.

Aerial photography, Fugro

In 2010 I organized access to aerial photography for all of Denmark as well as a free license for mapping before we had access to better material. This is obsolete now though and the tile server is not active anymore.

Municipality imports

I was involved in import of data from different Danish municipalities before all of Denmark provided material free of use:

Professional work

My main job is at Septima P/S where I work as a GIS developer and all-round data hunter. We use OpenStreetMap for professional services, and we also proxy the background aerial imagery layer for Denmark for several editors, including iD.