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Heading About Me

My name is Jonathan. I am a 50+ Canadian citizen currently living and working in Rwanda, Africa. I am happily married and I have 7 children (all living in Canada). My home in Canada is Ottawa (Canada’s capital city).

I am an ordained pastor in the Baptist church in Canada. I have a Master’s degree in theology (Acadia Divinity College) and am currently finishing a Doctorate in theology (Acadia Divinity College) with a focus on governance in East Africa. My undergraduate degree (Carleton University in Ottawa) was in Geography, with a focus in Cartography.

Some of my interests / hobbies include: * Travel * Photography * Music (I play guitar, bass, drums and sing) * Monty Python * Movies (faves: Avatar, Babe, Matrix I & II, the Mission, City Slickers, Ghost Town) * Making the world a better place