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What is a regional hub? over 1 year ago

Rebecca, Good content here. It seems that the titles are a mix of function and job positions. Maybe the bubbles would be better described by function? i.e. Training vs. Trainer.

I would also suggest adding a functional bubble for Quality Improvement. In the past HOT has been criticized for the quality of OSM data produced by our projects. It is much easier to properly map someplace once than fix poor or wrong mapping. Quality Improvement should incorporated in many of the other bubbles, but it should be one of the high level objectives for each hub as well as HOT in general.

Cheers Emmor

Localizing Community Support through regional hubs over 1 year ago

Looks good Geoffrey, let me know if you need any help.


DigitalGlobe Satellite Imagery Launch for OpenStreetMap about 5 years ago

Thank you, knowing more information about the imagery will make it much more valuable.

DigitalGlobe Satellite Imagery Launch for OpenStreetMap about 5 years ago

Having access to this imagery from DigitalGlobe is very nice.

The biggest problem I have with this is the lack of metadata: When was the imagery in a given area acquired? Here in Ethiopia we have some gaps in the nice Bing imagery, however, where both DigitalGlobe and Bing are at a suitable resolution it is important to compare the dates when each image was collected. There are places where it appears that DigitalGlobe is about 10 years out of date in this [example] (, but that is just a guess.

One of the biggest strengths of OSM is the history file for each feature, without metadata from DigitalGlobe we are reducing the quality of the OSM data we produce.

Review of Africa Highway Tags about 5 years ago

@rab, I appreciate the input from an experienced mapper. I’m sure it is possible to describe road conditions in Germany with existing tags, unfortunately Africa is not like Europe. Please look at this [area] ( near where I live. The majority of the roads in areas like this do not fit the [Africa tagging scheme] (

Here is why each of these tags don’t work:

  • Residential - These roads are in agriculture areas, and are almost never paved

  • Unclassified - These roads do not connect villages

  • Track - These roads run through rural residential areas and do not dead end

  • Path - Often these roads are used by vehicles not just foot traffic

We could create a tagging scheme like this : highway=residential + surface=ground + rural=yes The problem is that not all rendering tools (and users) look at multiple tags. Additionally we don’t have the luxury of existing linework, there are millions of kilometers of roads that need to be added to OSM, we don’t have time or people to fiddle with tagging, we need a simple, understandable tag.

highway=rural, or highway=rural_residential is a fairly minor addition to OSM tagging.

@rab I would encourage you to join us in Uganda for SOTM Africa and participate in the discussion.

Review of Africa Highway Tags about 5 years ago

@Warin61 Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Since you have very limited OSM experience in Africa I believe you don’t understand what the conditions are like here. Please take a look at this location The functional class is rural residential, they are not designed or engineered and could be used to go from one place where people live to another, but they would never be called tertiary which would be very misleading for relief routing efforts. The tag typically used for the fourth level of roads implies connectivity, not a dead end. Here in Ethiopia most of the population lives on dirt roads that might not even be classified as tracks in the developed world, it is, however, important to capture and classify these roads to ensure adequate mapping for humanitarian work. If you would like to be a part of the discussion in Uganda in July please join us.