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April 01, 2024

Oromia is one of the nine ethnically based regional states of Ethiopia, covering 284,538 square kilometers. It is bordered by the Somali Region to the east; the Amhara Region, the Afar Region and the Benishangul-Gumuz Region to the north; South Sudan, Gambela Region, and Southern Nations. Nationalities, and Peoples’ Region to the west; and Kenya to the south. The 2007 census reported Oromia Region population is 26,993,933; making it the largest state in population and area.Oromia includes the former Arsi Province along with portions of the former Bale, Hararghe, Illubabor, Kaffa, Shewa, Sidamo, and Welega provinces. Important cities and towns included in Oromia are: Adama, Ambo, Asella, Bishoftu, Chiro, Dembidolo, Fiche, Gimbi. Robe, Goba, Dello Buna, Jimma, Metu, Negele Boran, Moyale, Nekemte, Shashamane, Haramaaya and Waliso.