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South Kivu RGC pre-existing map - has anyone seen this yet?

I do not know this map but I came across RGC before. Some years ago I worked with some of the data from RGC. Some was very high quality, some note. Some information on this can be found on the wiki page for DRC and the corresponding discussion page.

If you want to get in touch with RGC you could probably contact this user.

How to tag alphalt in a forest

Tracks with asphalt are common in some regions. This is usually tagged with tracktype=grade1.

To me the difference to highway= unclassified is the use of the road: If it is mainly used for forestry traffic I would tag it as track but if is used as a normal road by other traffic I would rather use unclassified.

Egypt-Sudan Un-correct Border JOSM help

Ok, I’ve just updated the border and at least in higher zoom levels it is already rendered.

Regarding the process this is a bit tricky, involves a number of tools and for this reason not easily described. Here a short outline: The original LSIB data is a shapefile. I loaded this into QGIS and split it into different segments, still shapefiles. These shapefiles are converted into the osm format using ogr2osm.

After this comes the part of manually importing the data: I start by downloading the current borders in the area including the relations using Overpass Turbo. The result is loaded into JOSM as well as the result of the conversion above. Then I go through the existing border, remove the segments from the relations, split the new border at the internal borders e.g. governorates, and add the new segments to the relations. After that the old border can be deleted. Finally I re-check all the relations to make sure they are fine. Once all is OK I upload the data using a special import account.

Egypt-Sudan Un-correct Border JOSM help

Some time ago I already updated some other borders with that from LSIB. From that I already have converted border data available for all of Africa. So I am happy to update the Egypt-Sudan segment based of the data. The worst part in this is fixing the administrative relations..

Egypt-Sudan Un-correct Border JOSM help

I just compared the current data with an updated version from the US Department of State. There are also other differences. So I would even suggest to replace the existing data from the CIA World Database with the more accurate ones from LSIB.

Coastline Update Frequency

A method to find out when the last update was is described here. According to that the current coastlines date back to October 29th.

Farbe des GPS-Tracks ändern?

Wenn es um JOSM geht, dann in den Eigenschaften der Ebene . Die Einstellung erreicht man daher über das Ebenenfenster und nicht über das Menü.

More satellite imagery in Bing!

Also in DR Congo the areas with high-res imagery grew larger. They seem to be still limited to larger cities e.g. Lubumbashi but I think every new patch helps anyway.

OSM für mapsource


die Karten von Computerteddy ( laufen mit Hilfe dieser Anleitung:
Es klingt eigentlich schwieriger als es ist, ich verwende die Karte selbst.


Australia (WA) - Armchairmappers needed

Ok, finally also mapped Lake Carnegie, although the eastern part could be more detailed. But the shape is quite weird to draw.

Australia (WA) - Armchairmappers needed

I've just added Lake Maurice. Also Lake Yindarlgoodo has already been mapped by someone. I've adjusted the tagging so it's now rendered as a lake.

Australia (WA) - Armchairmappers needed

Also just traced Lake Noondie

Australia (WA) - Armchairmappers needed

Added Lake Magenta

Australia (WA) - Armchairmappers needed

Added Lake Barlee - now I know why it was still not done even though it was the first one. Probably didn't catch all islands.

There also seems to be a smaller lake just north which still waits for mapping.