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Essays on Extremists

An extremist is a person that holds extreme ideological, religious, or political views that are outside the normal boundaries of most of society. Extremists often disobey common moral standards and initiate activities fueled by hatred for the purpose of achieving a particular goal. Extremists’ beliefs, behavior, violent tactics, ideology, actions and motivations for their actions are the focus point of essays on extremists. Essays on extremists are best written as research papers, analytical essays, or expository essays.

A good way to begin essays on extremists is by describing an extremist group or individual action such as the acts of violence in the Middle East that ruined the Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations. Essays on extremists should describe the threat that extremists pose to society too. They are a national security threat first and foremost, but they also affect a country’s morale and confidence. Essays on extremists should also categorize the different types of extremists such as religious extremists, anti-government extremists, environmental extremists and animal rights extremists.

Essays on extremists can also examine a particular extremist group, and look at how and why they operate. Al-Qaeda, Hizballah, Hamas, and Al-Aqsa, are examples of extremist groups that you might want to discuss in essays on extremists. Islamic extremists, in particular, and their holy war or Jihad should be discussed. Another interesting discussion to include in essays on extremists is a look at the process a person goes through to become an extremist. In order to write an informative essay, be sure to research your topic thoroughly. Sites such as Online Assignment Help can help with this task by providing a list of suggested reading on extremists and extremists groups. You can also learn about extremism by reading examples of essays on extremists.