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The Pinnacle Nature Reserve

Posted by NathanaelB on 21 July 2013 in English (English)

This area was already well covered cartographically but I've done a fair bit of tweaking to clean up the boundaries and join the fences to the polygons plus added buildings for both the Reserve and the attached unleased land, added the Bottom Pinnacle as a pending addition to the Reserve, gullies etc.

Bunny Hill is not an official feature but it was named as such by Friends of The Pinnacle (FOTPIN) so I thought it was a worthwhile inclusion.

I did have more summits included but removed them as I felt it was trying to make the map more topographical than OSM is intended to be, so I might branch it and start maintaining a separate map and adding topographical details including a contours layer or DEM hillshade basemap plus more vegetation features etc.

Just need to figure out how to then make that map available to people who want to access it via OSM.

Location: Valley Track, District of Belconnen, Australian Capital Territory, 2614, Australia