Mapper since:
June 26, 2014

This account is used by user Nakaner for repair and cleanup work (usually not normal mapping activity):

  • reverting vandalism
  • reverting mechanical edits and imports
  • own mechanical edits

I am not a member of the OSMF Data Working Group. However, any member of the OpenStreetMap project is entitled to fix vandalism, bad editing and the violation of rules by reverting if the revert is an appropriate response. There are no superusers who have more power than others.

Changesets uploaded using this account are usually NO actions on behalf of the Data Working Group. If a changeset is uploaded on behalf of the Data Working Group, it is marked as such.

I am a very experienced member of the OpenStreetMap community and have been active in valdation and repair works for many years. You can expect that I know what I am doing. You are free to discuss my actions on an appropriate English or German mailing list or to file a complaint at if you think that my actions are not appropriate.

Reverting Vandalism

I use this account to revert vandalism. Every revert changeset has a meaningful changeset comments. For information about vandalism reverts see the changeset comment of the changeset which reverts the vandalism.

Reverting Mechanical Edits and Imports

I use this account to revert mechanical edits and imports which do not comply with our guidelines (e.g. no discussion before uploading the data, lack of documentation on the OSM wiki, usage of non-import accounts for imports, bad way of editing, import of bad data) etc. See the guidelines for mechanical edits and imports for further information.

Mechanical Edits

This account is being used for mechanical edits. For more information see the wiki pages of the edits.