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April 02, 2011

As I am in possession of Electric Vehicles, my main focus at this moment is to map and enhance Charging Stations. Every charging station I walk into will be mapped by me. I will not use other information as this information might contain copyrights.

I have full permission from Fastned to map their stations into OSM. Fastned unfortunately doesn’t provide me with highly detailed inside information anymore about (changes to) their stations. So, I’m currently only able to map the changes to the stations I encounter myself during my trips.

Begin June 2019 I’ve met several MSF-volunteers and they use OSM heavily. As their heart breaking stories struck me, I will try to make their work more doable. I’ve started to map together with HOT, especially in trying to rise the quality the HOT-team provides. (See

Also member of the OSM Foundation.

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