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Mapper since:
April 02, 2011
Last map edit:
June 16, 2024


Thanks for reading my profile.

I started editing OSM in 2011 with small changes which I’ve encountered in my area.
When in 2016 I’ve got my first Electric Vehicle, I extensively added a lot of changing stations. At some point even with the direct access to the network of Fastned (OCMP) and approval to add all the stations to OSM.
Begin June 2019 I’ve met several MSF-volunteers and they use OSM heavily. As their heart breaking stories struck me, I will try to make their work more doable. I’ve started to map together with HOT, especially in trying to rise the quality the HOT-team provides.
After a thorough thought I’ve come to the conclusion that mapping parts of Africa is a modern way of colonism, so early 2022 I’ve stopped that.

Now I’m mapping only areas that I’ve actually visited and where I’m confident that the map is correct. In case of doubt I can just revisit the spot to see exactly what’s going on.

Since 2019 member of the OSM Foundation.

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