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JOSM: Add a relation to an object / Eine Relation zu einem Objekt hinzuf├╝gen over 8 years ago

Good question... I couldn't find this option, too.
Using Potlatch at the moment to add relations to a way.

More satellite imagery in Bing! over 8 years ago

I couldn't find anything new or more detailed for Israel.

Seems like the newest sat images are in the north of Israel and in the capital city (Jerusalem) from 2009.
Tel Aviv is from 2006.

I'm not complaining but I was really hopping to get some more details for the mapping.
Thanks to MS for this anyhow.

Openstreetmaps gets official support by the Israel government over 9 years ago

Thanks for the great feedback. Please see the following thread in the OSM discussion board for more information on this topic: