Mapper since: September 22, 2015


27 years old software developper working in Luxembourg.

I currently map the area of Arlon, Belgium, as well as some very small contributions in Mamer and Garnich, Luxembourg.

I’m still learning a lot about mapping and recently switched from iD to JOSM. I use mapping as a reason to pay more attention to my surroundings, go out more and as something to do when chronic depression rears its ugly head :)

Short-term projects

  • I am currently working to update and generally tidy-up the area around the train station in Arlon, including shops, restaurant, small objects, sidewalks, etc.
  • I am currently working to improve the area around Place du Lieutenant Callemeyn, including building names, parking spots, vegetation, footways, etc.

Long-term projects

  • Add all of Arlon’s businesses and services (Basing myself on the official town’s address book
  • Map all of Arlon’s sidewalks following the OpenSidewalks standards (Sidewalks separated from roads, curbs, etc)
  • Improve the general pedestrian-oriented use of the map for Arlon
  • Go nuts and map every bush, trashcan, tree, lamp and small object in Arlon, making the city as complete as possible