Mr Satterly

Mapper since: April 26, 2017

Mr. Satterly

I map Gillette, Wyoming and some of Campbell County, Wyoming and you are reading my OpenStreetMap profile page. To other users, I welcome edits to the map in the area.

Besides editing OpenStreetMap I edit articles and take photos for Gillette on Wikipedia, Find A Grave, Wikivoyage, Wikimedia, and other projects. My website with Gillette resources, Unix-like computer resources, and other projects is available at

Primary Goals for Gillette

  • Create all buildings
  • Add all visible addresses
  • Create all roads
  • Realign everything to latest Bing imagery
  • Fix and add missing road names
  • Create businesses and offices inside larger buildings
  • Fix most of the reported errors

Secondary Goals

  • Connect or end ways (roads, paths)
  • Draw minor areas (parking lots, ponds)
  • Extend creeks to the county line
  • Split and draw residential areas (subdivisions)
  • Add info to roads (bike lanes, lanes, surfaces, ways)
  • Add info to buildings (levels, roof shape, wheelchair access)
  • Redraw water areas that shrank/grew
  • Create minor points (mailboxes, towers, memorials, art)
  • Add Wikipedia and Wikidata links to things that have entries
  • Reverify old addresses with new surveys
  • Fix waterway directions