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closed 1237197 Michiel van der Wulp

Unable to answer "What is the name of this road?" for via StreetComplete 3.2:

these star shaped roads do not exist- it is just a square

closed 725983 Math1985

Here is located Galeria Horta, it needs to be mapped sometime during its opening hours

closed 867810 daganzdaanda

It looks like a piece of road is missing here, between Ehaekpen Street and Plymouth Road. Local survey needed...

closed 588144 Michiel van der Wulp

Hier staat toch helemaal geen gebouw?
Wat betekent ref:UrbIS 6118546 ??
Mag dit weg?

closed 554502 Michiel van der Wulp

Is this an underground structure?
I see nothing here on the aerials.

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