Mapper since: March 21, 2013

I am an OpenStreetMap enthusiastic and GIS Analyst based in Nepal. I completed my undergraduate studies in Geomatics Engineering and have been working in the field of volunteered GIS since then. I work at a non-for-profit civic tech organisation in Kathmandu named Kathmandu Living Labs and we have been involved in various civic tech projects empowering local citizens with the tools of open mapping and open source. We believe in bottom up approach and work in the fusion of crowdsourcing data and youths. I personally, have conducted various training to people from diverse background and sensitized them about the power of open mapping and open source. Few examples are I was involved in training farmers from 3 small villages of Nepal to map in OSM, establish a foundation of OSM community in Bhutan, train students from various college about the use and methods of data creation in OSM.


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